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We are a Catalyst for Growth.

Manazil Management, LLC. is a company that offers brand Management for socially conscious ventures.  We are a one-stop source for all of your creative and business enterprise needs.

By working with us, we can help grow you brand in a cohesive, organic, financially sustainable, and successful way.  We funnel passion for your efforts into marketable form that will drive success and growth for your project.  Get “unstuck” about what to do next – contact us to help you your idea “take flight” through caring consultation, a network of skilled experts, and solid business and communications strategy.

That is the Manazil approach.


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When you work with Manazil Management, LLC, you engage with a team of experts who are skilled in their craft and are amazing contributors to the field. We look forward to introducing you to them. We want to help you.

Brand Management

Allow us to help you capture the essence of your project, initiative, or business idea in a succinct way in order to share it with the public. Put forth the best vision you have of your idea through consultative discussions, feedback, and access to expert resources.

Digital Strategy

Assistance with creating a strong online presence and informed digital strategy for safety, security, and positive outreach to the public. We streamline the process to make it simple and cohesive – and can even do the work for you.

Web Development

We create websites that are clear, clean, accessible, and visually appealing. Our design team helps offer input on content and style, so you can make the best impression on the interwebs. We build sites carefully and thoughtfully, incorporating features with your needs in mind.

Business Consulting

We help you think about the best way to turn your budding idea into a business reality, and a sustainable enterprise for your project for the long-term, by speaking with our expert business consultants.

Graphic & Logo Design

We can visually represent you and your brand through logo creation and graphic design of print and digital materials. Our approach is a clean, fresh look that is appealing to the eye and resonates with your audience.


  • Do you have a creative pursuit that you don’t know how to promote?
  • Are you a part of a social enterprise that requires more visibility?
  • Do you have a message that needs to get out to the public?
  • Do you have a great business idea that you don’t yet know how to monetize?
  • Do you need help with building your brand, in a way that maintains the authenticity of your efforts but is financially sustainable and successful as well?

You have come to the right place.

Our suite of services can help “fill the gap” of what will help you move forward on your journey to success – even if you don’t quite yet know what you need. We are here to assist you.

Brand Management & Online Presence

“Manazil Management has been instrumental at growing my brand. I walked in not knowing what I needed, and the team provided me with ways to increase my profile online and also be more purposeful in my business plan. I highly recommend Manazil.”

- J. S., Educator & Consultant

Graphic Design / Web Design

“I love my logo!! The team was super fast and responsive at creating the design and materials for my new business like business cards and promotional flyers. Before Manazil, I tried one of those online freelance providers but that really didn’t get what I was trying to do. I feel really good that Manazil captured the mission of my business and really heard me along the way. We are working on my website next.
Thank you Manazil!”
- N. W., Retail Entrepreneur


The term “Manazil” makes reference both to the destination where a person is headed, as well as the building where travelers stop to rejuvenate before continuing onward with their journey. Think of us as a hospitable environment where your ideas, efforts, and objectives can come together to achieve success, by tapping into the power within.

That is the essence of Manazil.


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